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Help Hannah Smile

Help Hannah Smile

Meet Hannah Farris.  She is a delightful fourteen year old with some unfortunate circumstances. Hannah has a rare medical condition called Ectodermal Dysplasia. This condition will not allow her to grow adult teeth once her baby teeth have fallen out. Because there are no adult teeth pushing the baby teeth out, Hannah still has a smile, but the clock is ticking! Once her baby teeth fall out, she will lose the chance to get the surgery needed to give her a new smile.  The surgery will give her permanent teeth, but the bone mass needs to be strong. If she loses the baby teeth before the permanent teeth are placed, the bone mass will weaken and not be able to hold them. This will also affect the way Hannah's facial structure develops. Due to her age and the development stage of her mouth, dentures are not an option for Hannah. 

Hannah and her mother have been struggling to raise the $50,000 needed for this life defining surgery that will give Hannah a smile! Arlington Business Connections, a group of local business owners, have banded together to help in Hannah's fund raising efforts and hope that you will offer your support too. 

UPDATE: a generous surgeon has volunteered his services to take care of Hannah's surgery! See video of Billy the Kidd revealing the news to Hannah and her mom (oh, and we gave her One Direction tickets too -- not sure which she was more excited about!):

You can also get more info on Hannah and donate at helphannahsmile.com


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