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Mom's blog: bullied kids need to toughen up

Mom's blog: bullied kids need to toughen up

A South Dakota's mom's blog post rant has gone viral.

Stephanie Metz' blog The Metz Family Adventures is usually lighthearted and features posts about cooking, the family's travels, and basic day-to-day stuff.

But her October 25th blog titled 'Why My Kids Are NOT the Center of My World' was a LOT more controversial.

She wrote:

'This post contains subject matter about which I feel very strongly. As are most emotionally heated issues...'I suppose it's controversial. But hey, I feel how I feel and that's not going to be changed.'

She then talked about how:

  • boys should be allowed to play with guns
  • over-protective parents suck
  • it's not your job to be your parents 'friend'
  • kids that are being bullied should "toughen up."

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